World Social Work Day and Boot Out Austerity

Written by Kevin Chesters, Douglas Macmillan Hospice, Midlands Representative, APCSW

I first came across the celebration of World Social Work Day (WSWD) last year but hadn’t done anything to mark the event then. This year though at a local authority third sector consultation event I ran into a friend and colleague Bridgett Bennett who I used to work with. She was organising an event to celebrate the day and asked if I would like to be involved. I said I yes and that I would host a stand at the event to showcase palliative care social work and the work the social work team at our hospice does. I also agreed to get in touch with the social workers in our local children’s hospice to get the perspective of palliative care social work with adults and children. I thought that as well as celebrating the event and catching up with some old social work friends it would be another good opportunity to keep on track with our aims I spoke about in my first APCSW blog which was to keep helpful relations with social work colleagues in statutory services.

The day totally surpassed my expectations. There was really good representation from across the whole spectrum of social work practice in the local authority. One stand included information about the worldwide perspective of social work practice. This was presented in a really interesting way and there was a quiz about the differences and things influencing social workers practice in other countries that to be honest had me scratching my head and asking for the answers, all good fun though. The event opened up to the community in the afternoon and members of the public came into view the stands and talk to social workers and other people working in the health and social care sector. The theme of the importance of valuing community and environmental sensitivity were woven throughout. This was really highlighted by a performance group called Masque whose performers have learning disabilities. They delivered a performance of dance and song which spoke about the importance of communities being inclusive and accepting of each other.

When thinking about the stand to showcase palliative care social work I was…


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